Release the Kraken - er, Party Animal!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012 
Prom: 8:00 PM Central Time (Ravenwood - Realm Vampire)


Awards: 8:30(ish) PM Central Time (Courtney's MFP)

The spiral gets loud. Really loud. It's that time of the year again. People from all over the Spiral are joining together to celebrate the 3rd Annual WCA (Wizard City Awards) & Ravenwood Prom Stravaganza! I must say, its been fun hearing all of the rumors about the exciting and highly anticipated Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter event of the year. And on the look of the clock it is time to party! You are invited to the hottest party in Wizard City.. The first Wizard101 community award show and extravaganza since 2009. There are NO RULES. Express yourself and have a blast. Make sure to dress up and wear your most fancy attire! 

(don't worry, not 41 days, 14)

Tag Game:
We will be playing Wild Fire Tag at my MFP.

Directions: The player who starts the game is it. If a player who is it walks near another player, they become it too. When everyone is it except one player, that player wins.



Now then, onto business. 
I have been questing my heart out in Stormriven!
I fell off of a wall....

Someone wanted to look down and laugh. 
Anyhow, we both laughed over chat for a while, then I ported to my set marker up top. This will be a great place to trap people....
Anyhow, I've battled my way down to the Ossuary, and broke off there. Fun, fun, fun!
Well, that's all I have to say, I hope to see you at WCA!
Keep Traveling!