May 20, 2012


No, it's not what comes after Pirate101, nor is it what I'm thinking of taking as a class. Plumbing101 is the hope and dream of Leland Hawkins. Keller and I ROFLed to this for a few minutes, and then I got back to questing.

Is there anything that I should know about Stormriven, early on?

Tag came with a lot of glitches inside, like a stuck
Paige Daisypetal, who really wasn't there, and
floating frost kitties.
Also, I think I'm going to settle with a Starfish as a pet. Forgot how I got him, but Romeo will hatch in an hour.
Well, have a good week, and I hopefully will schedule another post!
Keep Traveling!

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  1. Maybe this is just me, but I found Stormriven to be kind of depressing (in a good way, like enjoying a sad movie) and a touch boring at first, but by the time I finished, it had grown on me. At this point, you're about halfway through Celestia, so Stormriven is the darkest part of the main story in Celestia (of course, "dark" is relative when you're talking about W101), especially after the bright cheeriness of the Floating Land. It is the lowest point in Celestia- both literally and figuratively- but still fun. Like the first scene in a movie right after an awesome car chase or something- you're still enjoying the movie, but you're kind of sad that the previous scene is over.
    Some more useful information: Beware the Shadow-Web Haunts! They are nasty Rank 10 Elite Ice mobs that thankfully only appear in one quest, but are easy to get caught by if one isn't careful.


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