Oh Joyous Friday!

Sorry, haven't got much to say. I trained a starfish to teen, and it got may cast ice-trap, which I'm happy about. His name is Romeo, and hasn't casted it yet. (ahem)
Anyhow, Ty wanted some help in Avalon, and so I popped over. I was not there to raise my own level, and I understand how annoying it can be to have someone my level/experience in a battle as hard as something in Avalon. You need help, I have membership, I come help. I took a nice screenshot, in Abbey Road, I think?

Takin' a bow
Once I revamp my banner, if ever, this will be one of the shots.

Yes, the "..." is intended. Winterdeep Warren,
all I need is the book, not a maze filled with giant grendels
that pop up behind you!

So this is pretty much it, still working hard on TPR! More F2D to come soon, just working out a few kinks!

Keep Traveling, see you on the weekend!