Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

I can't thank you for enough, without saying too much, and/or boring my readers. I'll try to relate the thankyous to the blog, I have lots more to say.

  • Thank you for buying my subscription when I didn't have enough money myself.
  • Thank you for letting me stay up really, really late to work on F2D, TPR, and to Skype with friends.
  • Thank you for +1ing my posts!
  • Thank you for letting Paige come over, THEN letting us play 101 in my room, all day!
  • (Thanks for letting us play most of the night, too..)
  • Thanks for letting me rant, blabber, and talk on (and on, and on) about W101 and the blogging community. Thanks for letting me blog at all, too. 
  • Thanks for all those "busy Saturday mornings", when you bring up breakfast, even when I'm in the middle of a vlog take, or arguing over Skype, or busily typing.
  • Thanks for reading my blog, even if you didn't understand what a Soultamer was at times!
  • Thanks for being my mom!
Love you mom, Keep Traveling!