Hello! After submitting what, twenty haiku poems for the Ravenwood Bulletin's Mooshu Haiku thingy, I finally got ONE on the list!

I am who I am,
for I am Samoorai Cow.
MoosShu great Moodha.
by Duncan ThunderHammer

Quiet Troubled Land
A Hero to Save them all
Secrets to be found
by Nathan ShadowWeaver

Ninja pigs running
Tree of life growing slowly
Peaceful winds blow here
by Sabrina RavenHunter

MooShu oh Mooshu
Through the Spiral I see thee
Come to save thy land
by Shannon StormCloud

What is Moodha's way?
The way of wind-blow rushes,
And of still water
by Nathaniel MythWeaver

Samoorai the brave
Bearing their swords and armor
Try not to get caught!
by Destiny SoulTamer

Beautiful summers
Cherry blossoms falling down
Radiant Moodah
by Nicole BlueBreeze

The mind and spirit
Corrupted by the oni;
Darkness in MooShu.
by Valdus DarkBane

MooShu is a place
With great dangerous battles
Just don't break your face
by Eric FireShield

Winter icicles
Who were once proud samoorai
Melt in the cooling streams
by Malorn HexWard

The Great Moodha sleeps
as the forest spirits play
in this world untouched.
by Alura RoseBlade

Full of Tradition
History and Loyalty
MooShu is great
by Alexander TitanHorn

Pretty cherry trees
As pink as a MooShu pig
Making Mooshu nice
by Gavin StormRider

The green surrounds me
I fight evil through the day
I am honor bound
by Wolf ThunderBlood

Cherry blossoms float
All around, white petal rain
Mystery abounds
by Sabrina ShadowStaff

Mooshu and bamboo
The world after Marleybone
Plauges, war, ninja pigs
by Luke GoldenFlame

Cries for help arise
The emperor is dying
"We need a wizard!"
by Luke GoldenFlame  (I love this one)

The world of all life
Where piece is all that matters
No need to worry
by Blaze LionHeart

MooShu, I love you
with your pigs and walking trees
its more like a dream
by Cody ShadowStaff

                        Heh, hoped you liked the haiku, they're fun to read, even more fun to write!
I wanted to show you these poems, to hopefully inspire you to write poetry yourself. I use it to express myself, as I do with all writing, as well as to let off steam. Like, when I had a tough day at school;

It hurts
The pain of words, needles to the neck
The adrenaline pumping as the point gets closer
The anticipated pain of unsympathetic insults
It hurts 

 Hopefully you're inspired to write, or at least read some poetry!

Keep Traveling!