Vlogs, Pics, and possibly more!

Hello everybody!

At the moment, I am uploading a series of four 5-6 min vlogs, documenting a battle in CL with Paige. I am encountering a few very annoying errors, so I am not posting them yet, and there will be several errors in the video, which is unusual.

EDIT: The errors got really, really bad, so I deleted them all. New vlog via other cam coming soon!
EDIT: Here!!

On the other hand, I have been questing in Celestia a lot, I leveled up to level 52, put on some dropped gear and got a better wand. My computer has been lagging a lot, and when I go somewhere, Des is invisible for a few moments, as well as the people in the first area. I take screenshots when that happens. :)

This pic gave me a little inspiration for a certain section
of TPR...

Impromptu Ravenscar visit, thanks to Ty!

Like my new gear?

Quite a ceiling!

It was hard venturing up to this peak, had to battle my way there.

"As Destiny looked over the horizon,
the cool breeze blowing her hair back,
she noticed that, for once, the Spiral was in peace."
(Following this, a nasty raven snuck up behind her with a wand. End of story.)

Keep Traveling!