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Well, I have to admit that I've been tied down with schoolwork, and haven't been able to.....
(leaves to heal Evil Magma Peas)
...sorry about that! I haven't been able to quest or garden! Luckily, TPR work has been going steadily, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might get done early! Now, we're not like, three quarters in, but based on my whirlwind plot, liable to change, we're about halfway in! That's pretty good for all the arguing and procrastinating. I wanted to give a little spoiler, to one of my favorite lines so far:

“What are you doing Nick?” 
“Getting the door open with a toothpick.”
“Nick! That’s illegal!”

Haha, couldn't get enough of that..

Anyhow, I've been training my ghost dragon (Oliver) to Ancient, using my collection of mega snacks. I ran out a couple minutes ago, half way to ancient. Oh are my latest screenshots!

"Spirits three guard this domain,
Manifestin flesh once and again"

"Eternal vigil their sole constrain,
Land's envoy shall ease their pain."

Timely appearance, friend of mine..

New and Improved!
Keep Traveling!

News Flash: I wanted to say farewell to Blaze Shadowhorn. One of the reasons Travels is still up is from support, and Blaze provided a lot of it. Good luck with your novels, and (my usual farewell,) Keep Traveling! I will miss your posts, and hope to see you around!