Recent Adventures 4/19

The Last Mirkholm Keep Battle's Aftermath
  • I am questing in Ravenscar, and I absolutely love it there! I don't have screenshots yet because of my questing frenzy, but rest assured that they'll be in by Sunday. 
  • Thanks goes to Keller Jadeshade for putting up with Paige and I for so long. Keller, though I doubt you'll be reading this, you're one of the greatest friends on my list, you're one of the most helpful wizards who has come to aid! When it comes to that, you do it every time, and never fail at helping, even if it's a quick regenerate or a Gnome-splosion! We can't thank you enough, Keller! Sorry about missing the Jotun run a couple nights ago, thanks for bouncing back, and helping me through Ravenscar while Paige caught up to me in Celestia!
  • I am finally learning how to edit my pictures better, through the program Pixlr, expect a little better from me when it comes to banners! Remember, I'm always happy to make a banner for you, if you need one!
  • Wizard101 Insider is BACK!! Wizard101 Insider is a newer non-official fansite/forum, and came back last week. I'm a moderator on the site, under DSoultamer!
Keep Traveling!