Progress 4/17

Hello! I'm on break this week,  and so I will get more questing done, thank Ambrose. I don't have very much to post, but I'll show you what I have:
Thinking of making a few desktop backgrounds

I used this as scenery inspir. in TPR

Thanks Iridan for saving my skin! Thanks Keller for healing me!


No, Zoe doesn't have a may-cast yet.  She might get one, I don't know..
I checked Petnome and she could get M-C Iceblade,which is always
useful. (Isn't this cute, though?) Pic taken while farming Youkai.
I'm also trying out something new with my vlogs; scripting! For my next vlog, the video will be like a decoration, the audio would be irrelevant to it. I have scripted so far 2/5 of the video, can't wait to try it out!

Keep Traveling!

Here is a spoiler from F2D.

It was ready to strike, only waiting for Destiny's command. He snapped his fingers in a hasty retreat.

                Destiny looked at the plume of dark ash. Her eyes widened.


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