April 25, 2012

Pirate101...who knew? (semi-rant)


Hello! I believe this was KI's mysterious second project...
Anyhow, I have ventured into the website of Pirate101, here are a few things I have dissected:
From the video:
  • Kroko-farian charm to the setting in the beginning, music sort of GH-ish
  • Oh look, a skull world! (Nick, your prediction was spot-on!)
  • Hydra heads on a wall
  • Crab alley and Celestia-like NPCs and Enemies
  • Different style of play. Instead of cards and duel circles, you seem to (I'm not an experienced gamer) have to run up to whatever you're fighting and 'wand strike' it.
  • Tritons
  • Wait - was that a SAMOORAI!? And a....duck monk...?
  • Monkey people (this is getting weirder by the bullet)
  • Did I catch something like a wisp?
  • Marleybonian..
From 'a pirate's life'
  • Classes of pirates..Buccaneer (Storm), Privateer (Life), Musketeer (Fire..?), Swashbuckler(Ice..?), Withdoctor (Death, no doubt)
  • Combat - planning seems to be essential here. Commons areas are replaced by life fountains (I hope these guys don't follow the Pigswick ideas)
  • Companions - think Pets, maybe?
  • Ship - house/mount?
Now then, down to business.

What I'm really hoping is that Wizard101 doesn't decrease in population and popularity, and that KI doesn't stop progression on it. Already, sites like Wizard101 Insider (OH NOOOOO!) are considering closing because of this new game. Also, things on Travels were just getting awesome...er... Travels won't change its name, nor its pride for the game of Wizard101, and, though I might be a little stubborn now, I might even start writing later. 
I hope you can bear with me, while I rant, cry, worry, whatever during this transition. 
Keep Traveling!

Note: Okay, I might over reacting on this, which, knowing me, is very likely. I do think P101 is pretty cool, but I'm not migrating, not leaving 101, after all it has done. No hatred is being shed from me about this game, it would be unfair of me anyway. I tend to enjoy hoarding memorabilia, and I'm definitely not letting go of 101. I'm confident that this community will not fall.

This post is to be edited, deleted, or apologized upon.

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