April 26, 2012

A Must-Read: Wizard101 Insider!!

Greetings, wizards! If you have been talking to me recently, or comb through my posts (which is an a-ok thing to do), you would notice how much I talk about Wizard101 Insider! I'm here to give you the scoop, the stats, and my ounce of hyper-post-ivity!

First off, what the heck is Wizard101 Insider? Wizard101 Insider is a forum-based Wizard101 fansite, founded by Alex Willowheart.  Since then, over 400 members have joined the fun, posted guides, created contests, and became Insiders themselves!

What can you expect to find on Insider?
  • Threads and forums, being a forum-based fansite
  • Competition within the Pac-man arcade (must....beat...my...record!!). Friendly competition though, ;)
  • Guides galore, from pets, to PvP, to crafting, and Avalon, general Wizard101, even Pottermore, Minecraft, and Toontown!
  • Friendly staff and members, will write more about that..
  • A tad of the magic!
As you see, there's lots to do, lots to read, and tons to learn from this site!

Wizard101 Insider, no matter how awesome it is, is still a website in progress. I like looking through a forum named "Site Feedback", where I can ask about certain bugs, page errors, and even give a compliment! The staff is always trying to make the experience on Insider better!

Speaking of staff, if you've heard my rambling enough, I am one of the moderators on Insider! I got promoted all the way back in December, and after the downtime!
Way back in December, when there wern't too many members, I posted a lot, and reported bugs, which I think is maybe how I earned it.
Forum posting however, hasn't been my best subject, and I was very shy when I posted the first six times or so. What kept me going was the best part of Insider: Staff! They welcome all the new members, thank everybody for posting, and (in my opinion) are very good examples of leaders! Now that I am a part of it, I am more inclinedto reach out to the newer members, welcome them, answer questions, etc. Even if I wasn't a mod, the staff support would keep me posting!
Insider, I know you're reading this, thanks so much! (Double props for Travels on the bottom of the page)

Keep Traveling!

P.S. I had mentioned in my semi-rant semi-panic-post that Insider was contemplating whether to close or not, and we're still discussing this. Don't worry, I have high hopes! In the meantime, join Insider and join the fun!

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