April Showers, Soultamer Style!

April Showers Bring May Flowers, they say. In my mind, it's..
April Showers Keep Inside to Play W101!

I think KI has the same idea. For the past few weeks, Paige, my friend Ty (who you will hear a lot from) and I have noticed that, at least on our computers, W101 has been wacky. It hasn't let us teleport, and recently, Ty thinks that it crashed.

KingsIsle said in their latest bulletin; "April is going to be a truly magical month in the Spiral. " and I sure hope so! Perhaps there is some new content, or a fun update! Perhaps the Trolling Stone was to catch us off-guard, to really surprise the community later!

Well, my time is up for posting, I'll post alter this week with Floating Land Pictures! Thanks for putting up with me as I struggle to catch up to all ye transcended ones. 

Keep Traveling!

(P.S. April Showers - Soultamer Style is really just a continuous blizzard, but that's beside my point)