Sick Day

x cough x

Hi everybody, I came down with a bad cold last night. Sorry if this post is uneventful and/or really short, and/or full of typos. A few things I've accomplished:

  • Leveled my sea dragon (Louie) to adult, alas no spritely. That was a little disappointing. 
  • Now questing in the District of the Stars, where I'm battling Piscean Troopers. I'm a little scared of them, especially when they greet you from around a corner.

I was thinking of making a "Celestial, isn't it?" photo album

Who doesn't love secret pathways?

Just getting a quest...

Hahaha, check out my accuracy! 

Contest info: You have 3 days to enter my contest (one way or another), that I posted on Sunday. I have a prize, you guys will love it, these codes are from my special stash (unsent email), in my secret vault (drafts folder). 
Hehehe, I hope this is hard to read. The winner of this contest not only will get a pet, but xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx too!

Frozen to Death and The Pyromancer's Revenge: Frozen to Death's final edits were made on...Monday, was it? and we called it done-done at 9:47 PM. The Pyromancer's Revenge is our next hurdle, and we're preparing to leap over it (in style!!) with room to spare. Of course, this involves a lot more creative planning, to make events 'line up' with the previous book. Here is a spoiler, different than Justin's:

Trying to break her fall somehow, Destiny spread her hands out wide, summoning a tower shield. It crashed through the ground. She felt her Ice Armor erode away. 

SL is canceled this week, so we'll have more time to make a perfect recording! 

Also, I want to thank Legends of the Spiral for the Shenlong Dragon, I won it through the Pet of the Week contest! I got the Amber Shenlong, and I named her Stella.

'Kay, I think that's it.

Keep Traveling!


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