March 6, 2012

Shoo, Sebastian! Make room for the Shenlong!

The Ninja Lore Pack

Mini Wyvern!!! Wait, where's the wings go?
(meh, fine w/ me)

New Spells from the Ninja Lore Pack!

The Ninja Lore pack is here, and it's the first Wizard101 game card pack that allows your Wizard a chance to gain entirely new spells! On top of the chance to get cool new robes, swords and the adorable new Shenlong Dragon pet - the Lore Pack has three new reward spells!
The spells from the Ninja Lore Pack are reward spells, and do not cost your Wizard a training point. They will go into your spellbook just like any spell you have learned from a trainer, and they will not disappear when you sell your spells back for Training Points with Mr. Lincoln. They will obey the rules of a normal spell, meaning you can blade, trap, enchant etc. Once you have received a spell from the Ninja Lore Pack, it will not appear as a reward again. You cannot delete or sell these special spells.
Powerpips & Ninja Lore Spells
Ninja Lore Pack spells will obey the rules of pips and powerpips. If you are a Myth Wizard and receive a Myth spell it will use your pips and powerpips accordingly. If you are a Balance Wizard and receive a Myth spell, it will use your pips & powerpips accordingly. If you are wearing a Myth Mastery Amulet, it will use your pips & power pips accordingly.
This was copied and pasted directly from the Wizard101 site
I honestly thought that KI would let everybody settle in to the Kirin's Hoard. I was horribly wrong. Behold, a whole new pack, Mooshu based - again! I swear, the longer I wait to collect black lotuses, the more Mooshu will haunt me, as it does now. I doubt it will cease. 
Anyhow, poor Sebastian might end up on display in my house, if I get a Shenlong Dragon. Unless Sebastian, Oliver, or Ginger gets Spritely overnight, the Shenlong might take their places, if it gets Spritely itself. (If you couldn't tell, I'm all for the spritely.) 

I'm not so psyched for the rewards spells. Remembering how much damage ninja pigs do, I don't think I will benefit as much. However, if the goat monk would heal (which I highly doubt. Why would KI make a monk do damage?), I would listen a little more closely. 

So far, in my Celestial (Celestian?) travels, I am currently questing in the Grotto, trying to get that pesky armored Starfish off of what's most likely a dungeon. I'm debating (with myself) on whether to go into depth on my Celestial/Celestian adventures, as I'm probably just repeating what the rest of you bloggers have done.  Some feedback would be especially helpful on this topic. :) 

Otherwise, Alli has posted another vid!
Good job, Alli!

Lastly, my IRL birthday is in 15 days (21st) and I might (or might not) do a little something for it. I need ideas, as a party (at the moment) is out of the picture. 

Keep Traveling!

I congratulate you on going this far in my post, and reading these words. I am really grateful for your support. As a reward, here is the new F2D site!

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  1. I totally agree with what you said about the Kirin and Ninja Lore packs.


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