Not much

Hello. Sadly, nothing huge has happened to me on 101 this entire week, because I was busy preparing for a math competition. My team won red ribbons, we're really proud.
I've been writing some F2D-2 and editing some F2D as well. I've been Skyping with Paige a lot, usually just talking about homework.
I'm hoping to post some more this weekend, can't wait to get back in the loop with everybody!

Now then, I must thank Kyle Wildgiver for mentioning my blog, his link is . Really made my day to see my link there.

Sorry I'm so tired in this post, I'll liven it up.


Here I am, trying to liven up the post.
My dad found this in a willow tree; awesome right?
That up there is my 'staff', I'm very proud of it.

With that, I'll show pictures of CL next post. :)
Keep Traveling!


  1. hahaha I love it when I see stuff in real life that reminds me of Wizard101 like that.

  2. I do too, the more ironic, the better! I almost named my dog Sebastian (my Foo's name) and I'm studying Greek Mythology in class, I crack up at it.


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