Celestial, isn't it?

Getting my first Grotto quest, I think...
In the Grotto, doin' the panther paddle!
Ok, so I admit that I have been questing very slowly. I'm still in the Grotto, working away at Crustacean Waverunners, or whatever you call the hard ice enemies in the Algae Farm. It takes about 20 mins to finish up a battle, and neither of us (been questing w/ P) have gotten any foul tasting algae. It's sort of ticking me off, though I did get a chance to turn my mostly ice deck into a mostly death deck. :) It was fun using those spells again.
What I found most interesting was catching up to the rest of my friends, sort of. I mean, I'm questing in the recent story arc, that's a blast. Also, I caught up with those wizards that I have mentioned, they wanted to help me out for the heck of it. (Keller, Tatiana, etc.) Thanking them for their help.
Anyhow, though I have few, here are screenshots from my adventures. I simply love being underwater in CL, brings a whole new element into the game. What I especially like are the light sources, from the (what I call them) glowing mushroom things. It looks so mysterious and makes me want to go further. It also gave me a sense of security. When I went down into the Eel Cave, there were no lights in the tunnel, and something urged me to turn around and swim for it.
Frozen to Death wise, we'll be recording today, if we can get it done in the short amount of time I have to do it. The second book, as Justin said was TPR, is going pretty smoothly, mind that minor problem earlier.
IRL, my dog likes to watch me when I play 101. Hugo, my dog, keeps his attention on the screen when I'm training Sebastian. There are probably a variety of things going on in his doggy mind:
  • HE can't sit when you tell him to, can he? 
  • You never taught ME to dance!
  • No, Sebastian! That pizza is radioactice! Don't eat it!! 
Poor dog, still confused on the pixellized foo dog that I train so much.

Keep Traveling!


  1. LOL! and want help with the waverunners?
    Nice post!


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