Celestial, isn't it? Pt. II

    As a sidenote, I am absolutely in love with that title. I put it on my banner, which is to be re-done for better quality. I hope your weeks have been good, SO sorry about not posting. I was cast in the school play, and had a lot of rehearsal, since Monday, when I got my script. Yesterday was show-day, and I'll be back to regular posting.
    In Celestia, my adventures have finally passed the Waverunners, and I'm off to District of the Stars (I think). I took some time (as usual) just to tour around, enjoy the scenery. Sadly, my screenshots were not appearing in my folder, so I'll have to show you later.
    Frozen to-I mean - The Pyromancer's Revenge is going real smoothly, thanks to a steady plot. At last, we think we have the kill sequence correct. I really hope you guys like it when we're done!! Justin, Nick and I have all been Skyping constantly, working out the kinks. We have a fast paced plot with a lot of action planned, as well as.....I'll just skip that...
    Mindy is still alive, she is questing occasionally with Justin (Shadowblade) Sandshard and Nicholas (Lionrider) Soulcrafter in WC and KT, though she is still on the three streets. I've had a ball with everything I've been doing, fun to go back!
    Now then, it's Sunday, and my poll voters want a contest! I have a pretty hard one in place, but I'm having problems obtaining the prize. So if you win, just remind me, and I'll keep my word.


The Posted Picture Puzzle! 

Problem: I am really busy with TPR, and am writing what feels like 25/7. I also like to keep things organized. This can be a problem, especially when it comes to my blog. Recently, I haven't had time to locate a few pictures, so I need some help. I will list five pictures from blogs I'm associated with (minus Paige's, I'm just a blog janitor there), and hopefully you can help me find where they are!!

How to enter: Send an email to destinysoultamer @ gmail . com (take out the spaces) like this;
Picture #
Number label of post (like this post would be One-hundred-eighteenth. If the post doesn't have a number, then give me the post title) 
Easy enough, you  guys are smarties. 
Why the contest: My birthday is on the 21st, and I wanted to celebrate! I'm not going to have a party, so I wanted to show you that I cared.

I will randomize all correct entries.

IF I get less than four entries by next Sunday (Mar. 25), then I will extend the contest. 

Your pictures are:

Toughie, this one is...

What a day this was!!

I was going to make this into a banner, but Kol fizzled

One of my favorite shots, ever

The good ol' days, when I was convinced Ginger was
going to get Spritely one way or another.

So, I hope you guys can enjoy the contest! More F2D soon!

Keep Traveling!

Contest pt. II - extra credit
If you can make any one of the screenshots, or a few, into a banner/banners, as a seperate entry, then I will give you twice the chance to win by entering your name twice! Also, I will randomize the banners, and the winner will have a week with their banner on my blog! Heh, happy you read the whole thing?


  1. What would the prizes be? I can make the banner when gimp works :P Shoot me an email :)


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