Spiral Live afterparty

So, as I said before, the SL F2D seg was awesome, though I heard it get cut off in spots, where I pasted the script into the chatroom.
Anyhow, this afterparty might have been one of the most exciting that I've been to, though a little chaotic.
Cue the shots!
Friendly!! I met Tom last night in-game, was fun. 


PaigieDee and I both friended Friendly, he's such a nice person.
We also won crown codes in SL's contest, thanks!

If I remember correctly, we tried to play....football, was it?
This is the group as Celestian Skeletons, though half had to transform into
Wintertusk Wolves.

Near the end, I invited Sean Dragonhammer to visit my house.
"I'm stuck.."
"Wait, stay there for a second." LOL "I'm so going to post this!"
("Still stuck...")
Well, awesome show last night, I had a ball listening!
With that,
Keep Traveling!