A Short Collection of This Week's Shots

Hello, I hope you weeks are going great! I didn't really know what to post, but had to post something, so I'll just fill you in with minor details, and then show you screenshots of my in-game adventures, and one IRL shot.
  First on the agenda (as if there was an agenda) is my first mention of Wizard101 Insider! I can't really find words at the moment to give background info, but I was recently 'promoted' to being a Moderator! I'm pretty psyched about it....anyhow, 101Insider is awesome, link is here, or here, or here, just click this....now...
  Also, PaigieDee and I fought through the Obsidian Chest Quest. I had actually feared it, when I had first known it existed, in A Thaumaturge's Thoughts era, some year ago...I had feared it until the very moment I had gotten it, and then "psssh"ed the quest, fought through it in a day, except for The Labyrinth, in which I had to wait for, my schedule permitting. We are now working through The Crystal Grove, fighting spiders.

These first two are of me flouncing through GH, when I bored from a reagent run in DS. Like I may have stated elsewhere/before, I love almost everything about GH, almost meaning the quests and exp....

This brings me to an idea that I've been tossing around: How about a Huskarl pet? I mean, they look pretty awesome, and I could see one casting Spritely, like I could see my equipped pets, though they never seem to get it...humph.
 Tyler, my IRL wiz-friend, gave me his secret to pet training, which I found interesting;
"I trained my pets when I ran out of membership. Since I was sort of isolated without it, I did what I could."
In the end, Ty's result was an ancient dragon that gave spritely.

My little mark on the world, almost literally. I doubt any of you will
find this...

Yes, twin mounts! I really love these mounts, they're
a nice change from my dragon.

PaigieDee learned Power Nova, here she is showing off.

 Keep Traveling!