Popping in

Oy, oy, oy...I thought I was going to stop popping...

  1. The first F2D segment on Spiral Live was GREAT, even though my computer cut it off halfway in. Thanks to SL for letting Justin and I record a segment, and thanks to all the feedback.
  2. F2D will be updated in minutes, to where we left off on SL. Please know that our segment has effected our editing options, and we are working towards finishing F2D, like we were supposed to have done a month ago. Grammar might be a little sketchy, but we can say it fine out loud. Enjoy!
  3. I am on the quest to learn Frost Giant, and  A GIGANTIC MEGA POST ON MY FEELING ABOUT THAT, AND AN "AHA!" MOMENT WILL BE COMING UP SOON. I thought this pop would be fine, considering what's coming soon.
Keep Traveling!
Thanks Justin, for saving me in DS...

I saw a Gold Kirin

In short, Ty the super-quester needed
help in The Floating Land

O.O Grass! Where have you been? (I have been in DS
too long)

O.O A bridge! Cool...

O.O A tent! I am ticked off by the Marleybonians everywhere..

I couldn't heal Angel, but Ty and I battled.

....Holy Ambrose!! I have got to get one of those!