My first pop in a while

I've made it a goal not to make too many 'just popping in' posts, but what the hey, I've just reached 3,000 pageviews! I'd like to quickly thank EVERYBODY who has read the blog, since I can't possibly name them all, and my irl friend Allipop. Allipop (Alli, Alli-o, Allison) is the Youtube singer that I've been supporting, and she gets excited about anything I'm excited about. While person 1 groans at me finishing a chapter of F2D, Alli will go
"Yay Des, that's great!!" And smile. It warms my heart every time.
I will be posting a vlog soon. I made up a collecting quest in my spare time:


Exp/ Pageviews: about 40
Rewards: A vlog post
NPC: My camera!
Quest Dialogue:
Me: "Okay, time to take a picture of my staff, that I trimmed from a willow tree...."
Camera: "I don't think so....LOW BATTERY, LOW BATTERY, Goodbye!" 
Me: "Aw, lightning bats.."
Quest: Collect 3 AAA batteries in the depths of your file cabinet.


Heh, these darn sidequests...

Keep Traveling!