My "AHA!" Moment

IRL, I simply love social studies. In The Suitcase Project, you might remember me blabbering about KT's similarity to Ancient Egypt.
Well, I'm back again with my insert on Dragonspyre! I expect this to be a long post, so sit back and enjoy the show!
(Note: Uhh...I'm only two weeks into the Ancient Greece unit, I'll give this a shot..)

Like I said in the note, I think that DS is very Greek. For instance (ahem); the Athenium. Athen is highlighted, because the first thing I would think of for Athen would be Athens, the capital of modern-day Greece, and the most influential Polis in Ancient Greek history. Athenium would point me straight to Athenian, meaning belonging to or pertaining to Athens, in my own words.
Also, the word 'Basilica' is derived from Greek, meaning (Google definitions)

  1. "A large oblong hall or building with double colonnades and a semicircular apse, used in ancient Rome as a court of law or for public..." I see the word 'Rome' in there? I'll save it for next unit..
Also, the Necropolis sounds like Acropolis, which was the religious center of Athens, the site of Parthenon

I also saw a few nice columns, this one in the Athenium.

Definitely Corinthian, with fluted column and scroll-top. Sorry about my panther getting in the way..

Also, when you were in the vaults of The Grand Chasm, did you see a sign on the top of the jail cells? It said DS Pyre. I remembered Dragons pyre, and Dragon spyre. So, in short, to keep it generally family-friendly, a pyre is a place where (in Ancient Greece) one would be killed, as in result to a crime. A spire is the conical top of a building, associated with a church.
So either:
Ignore my mount. The dragon at the top could be the
spyre of DS...
OR, perhaps dragons have suffered in this world, which is what I'm thinking, it'll require more research, which I'm currently not up for.
Also, with the Necropolis. Necropolis means a graveyard or cemetery, but to me it sounds like Acropolis, which was the religious center of Athens, and the site of Parthenon.

As of 2/19, I have officially lost my feeling for this. So, I'll leave you with one last pic.

Click to enlarge, see the shaded area. :P

Keep Traveling!