February 17, 2012


There, did that grab your attention?
Two days ago, I finished the spell quest to learn Frost Giant!
Who was Hildreth, as in Hildreth's Perch? 10 pts

O.O Time to kick Dragonspyrian booty!

Ice Colossus! His name is Mr. Charley (or Charlie)
and he will be on display in my house.
                                                                           l l l l l
My house, that's what I forgot to mention. In 5 fir trees, 4 bookcases, and 1 cobblestone flooring installation, my house will be ready to showcase in the form of a vlog! I have batteries and a new SD card, the vlog will be up ASAP once I have all my housing items.
Allison and I are going to be taking another step in supporting each other, and (this sounds like I have never done anything in a Youtube vid, which I really haven't) we will be broadcasting links to each other in our videos! Problem #1: How in the Spiral do I include a box with a link? I might just record a link written on paper for 30 secs, call it good...
Problem #2: I said problem #1 without any other problems, so I should have said Problem: instead. :D What the hey, it's fine.
Take 1: Hello everybody, this is (somebody in house burps in the background)
Take 2: Hello everybody, this is Des (vid goes on) Oh Golly, are those rank 3 pests?
Take 3: Hello everybody, (add 2 mins) No random friend, I cannot help you. hold on, let me put my cam down...(cam gets shot of my face) Oh lightning bats...
Take 4: And this is (Destiny! Come get some breakfast!)
Take 5: Thanks for listening, and- Batteries low, Goodbye! NOT AGAIN!!

F2D wise, we (Justin and I) are literally 4 paragraphs away from finishing it. Of course, we will still be uploading bi-weekly. Here is a teaser to what is coming next. It is in the middle of what we are doing, and just to keep you on your toes. Note: I have not asked Jus whether this is a good idea, might be leaving..

A hand swooped out and pulled her into the dark cave. Destiny felt wind flow through her hair and saw a bright yellow light.

Heh, enjoy!

Keep Traveling!

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  1. Congrats on getting frost giant! And can' wait to see the house :P


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