I'm Not Foo-ing Around! Sebastian, Vlog, and More!

His name is Sebastian now.
PaigieDee calls him Bosco.
Like my new gear?

Need I say more, my fine wizard friends? I bought - and spent - crowns yesterday. I bought Kirin's Hoard packs, one after another. On my...5th pack I received a Foo Dog!
The Foo Dog in particular that I received was the Fiendish Foo, the Death version. Sebastian (Duke Lucky in my new profile pic to your left) has been leveled up to Teen, and he has Death Shot and Banana Peel as talents. Already though, I have dreamed about the words spritely, and the little 'hello!'s that will follow.
Sebastian has lost all of his Derby races by roughly 30 seconds, and he runs beside me in slow-mo. Other than that, he's insane cute, and one of my larger pets. Also, I just enjoy that he's pinkish in color, I don't really know why. Meh, girly stuff...

Anyhow, this (----->) is my next vlog! I will be showcasing my house this way. I have spruced it up, tried out several decorating techniques, and even rug bugged it at one point, but I have settled on a glitch free (mostly...) scheme. I personally enjoyed using those tents as the teleport destinations, that was fun, and I incorporated it yesterday. Also, the fir fence was a blast to make, loved setting the trees up and slowly seeing a difference!
I'd like to hear your feedback on my house, my camera vs. Unregistered Hypercam whatchamacallit (<--no spelling error!), and the video entirely! Oh, and please, if you see something in my video that I probably didn't mean to have shown in there, please send it through comment mail, or by email. I take seriously what I put into my videos.
Also, like I will put into the end of my vid, please support the amazing Alli Carter!

Next on my little agenda is Spiral Live! SL will be live this Saturday at 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 Eastern. This episode features THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER, AKA Tom Lionblood. Justin and I will have our segment recorded again for F2D, as in new segment, not old segment re-recorded. :) Trust us; you won't be disappointed!

Lastly, before my Keep Traveling, I have had a few questions come in very often, and I'll answer them right here for the rest of ye.
  1. Q: Who is PaigieDee? Why do you call PaigieDee, PaigieDee?
    A: PaigieDee is my best friend Paige Daisypetal, irl bestie too. I call her PaigieDee because whenever I mention Paige to other people, they think 'Paige Moonshade'. I ended up confusing myself, and wound up having to change it myself. PaigieDee will go by almost whatever. :)
  2. Q: Wow Des, you are a little too worried about personal identity. Why? Hang loose!
    A: Next question, please. 
  3.  Q: (sheesh, she's popular) I noticed that you and PaigieDee appear together almost all the time. You girls sisters?
    A: No, we're not even neighbors. We support one another - without our friends, we have no idea where we'd be now!
Well, I hope I have answered everything! If you have questions, comments, or even ideas, please leave me a comment, I really would appreciate it!

Keep Traveling!