Can't Catch Me!!

Hey, better late than never. I've been working on my first post that requires a ton of research, and F2D galore. So, straight from is updates on the new Tag Game, currently available on the Test Realm!

Tag, you're it!


Tag Housing Game!

Interactive housing is one of our most asked for features, and we're happy to announce that we are asking you to test a new feature that will be released to the Live Game later thisyear.

A new housing object will allow players to play a game of Tag at their Castle or Dorm!

The housing kiosk has a 'Press X to Start the Game' option that will open a window to show you variants of the types of Tag you can play.

It Tag:
The player starting the game is “it.” If a player who is “it” walks near another player, they become “it” and the player who was “it” has a 15 second immunity from being “it” again. The player who is “it” looks like a Gobbler. There is no score in this game and the game ends when another one is started, the player who is “it” leaves the house or someone stops the game at the kiosk.

Wildfire Tag:
The player starting the game is “it.” If a player who is “it” walks near another player, they become “it” too. The players who are “it” look like Fire Elves. When everyone is “it” except one player, that player wins. A message about the winner is sent to everyone at the house and the game is ended.

Power Ups:
Power Ups are randomly added to the inside and outside of a house once a Tag game starts. Players just run them over to collect them. Players can collect 1 Power-Up at a time. A Power-Up activate button appears on the screen. Both collected and uncollected Power-Ups are removed when game ends. Power-Ups randomly respawn after they’ve been collected. Power-Ups appear like pet derby or maze game power-Ups. The space bar is a hot key for using your collected Power-Up.

Speed up – Allows a player to go 50% faster for 9 seconds
Freeze – Encase all nearby players in a block of ice for 4 seconds
Teleport – Teleports the player to a random location in the current zone
Disguise – If they're not "it", this gives the player the "it" effect without them actually being "it" for 30 seconds. If they're "it", the "it" effect is removed for 30 seconds
Invisibility – Makes the player invisible for 30 seconds
Immunity/Break Immunity – If they're not "it", this makes player immune from being tagged for 15 seconds. If they're "it", this allows them to tag immune players for 15 seconds

The game is only active in the interior and exterior of the currently occupied house. Other houses that players can get to using housing teleporters won’t participate in the game.

Important Notes
  1. All types of Tag games will un-mount you for the duration of the game.
  2. All types of purchased and quest transformations will not appear during a Tag game, but the transformation and mount rental timers will continue to countdown for the duration of the game.
  3. You cannot equip a mount or transformation while you are participating in a Tag game.
  4. You cannot teleport to friends who are playing the same Tag game.
  5. Players who are participating in housing PvP are exempt from the Tag game until they leave the duel.
  6. This feature will not be available on the Live Game until later this year.

I can't get on test realm; my computer takes too long to load, and it drives me insane. So: I will send you off on a little sidequest!
Okay, I want to see your pictures of Test Realm Tag! Send two or three screenshots (alt+(fn for me)+prt sc) to Any and all screenshots pertaining to the 'theme'  will be posted. Please send your shots before Monday, I will take any last minute entries if needed.

Keep Traveling!