Winner of Caption Contest, and More Screenshots

A couple weeks ago (or so it seems) I posted a caption contest, for the second time, and thanks to a 'regular' who I have mentioned countless times, I finally got ONE, one entry for this contest. (aah aah aah, for those who get the joke.) I sent Ty codes from Grub Guardian, I hope he likes 'em!
I hope that ceiling doesn't break, because that lava
looks pretty hot. 

Anyhow, onto 'business'. F2D is NOW 98% done, we are working on the next-to last chap.
Update: The chapter 1 is now the prologue, chap. 1will be what will seem like chap. 2.

Also, here's a link to Spiral Live, and the Podcast Page. Thanks to Justin for asking Nicholas Lionrider to mention F2D on the show. I listened to the show on Saturday, and attended the afterparty, where I met Bailey Skystaff, the Uber Wife of The Friendly Necromancer!
In a previous post, I had claimed to meet Bailey, but I just took a screenshot while she was looking in her backpack, checking options, etc. During the afterparty, I actually met her, and took a more...proper shot.
Thanks to Bailey Skystaff for calling me Des ('Dese') in-game, that was awesome of her. Made me feel like (a zillion crowns for it being Bailey, and) I am actually 'getting around'.

Lastly, here is the screenshot for this Caption Contest.
Remember, I am now having all participants receive a code from KIFG just for entering. If I get over two entries, I'll randomize 'em, just so it'll be fair. Two entries = two winners! One entry means probably an extra code from me :P, and win. :P

Keep Traveling!

EDIT: Alli Carter (my very good IRL friend, and reader) posted this video on Youtube a little while ago, but I love listening to it. She inspired me to vlog, and to try singing for the first time in years.
You go girl! Please subscribe to Alli-o, she is grateful for each and every one. 


  1. Wow alli did great!You don't have to give me anything by the way for doing this.

    Caption: Down with Fizzles! (Mindy Pixiecrown would know)

  2. You meant Miss Mindy Pearlthief, right..?
    PixieCrown is an NPC, not quite sure of her fizz rate...


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