Why Wiki?? And caption time! (Avery very short post)

First of all, here's a pic from Wikipedia
Click to enlarge.

Next, I'm going to post yet another set of screenshots for you to caption. So far, I have LIKE, TWENTY THOUSAND (SLIGHT OVERESTIMATE) CODES FOR GIVING AWAY (FROM KIFG) YET NO ENTRIES.  I know you guys read this....
Anyhow, you have three days to send in captions. Yea, I'm trying not to post screenshots solely of my wiz, but do you know how hard that is?
(oh no- my power is going out....)

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Stop SOPA and PIPA!
Keep Traveling!


  1. ice wings how many mounts do you have? (Tyler Rubyweaver)

  2. pic 2- I hope that ceiling doesn't brake, because that lava looks pretty hot.


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