January 6, 2012

Well then, 2 pageviews over the week...

...that's my fault, I'm back on the school schedule. I have a few resolutions for this year, a little late compared to the rest of ye..
  1. Write more!
  2. Level Mindy Pearlthief up to level 10 by September (level 10, I know...I procrastinate) 
  3. Level Destiny Soultamer to level 50 by October, and to MS level crafter by then
  4. Post longer posts! I can't post more, but quality posts would make the blog better (and make me more proud of it)
  5. PvP more! I want to get a real taste of it
  6. Include awesome people such as this person, who is in my neighborhood. She is AMAZING!

You go, Alli!

Alli is a big supporter, with a huge heart and a Spritely (Alli-wiz joke) attitude. Check her channel here! 
I'd also like to shout out to an old friend of mine - haven't seen him in a while, but I found his email, and he's a fellow wiz. Heya!!

I think that's really it. Still searching for a Blog of Note!!
Keep Traveling!

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