Vlog 1, and F2D being almost done

Hey everybody! I just got permission from my folks to upload a vlog of me playing W101! Today, I made a video with my camera of me defeating Randolf Spellshine in Wysteria, yes I have finally done it. I wanted to broadcast it to you guys through a Vlog, and I hope you all enjoy it.
(Note to everybody: Yes, I do talk in this video, you can hear my voice, and I do mean to talk. Don't laugh/doubt my voice, it's mine. Yes, I am a girl. I get a lot of feedback about how I talk. Also, sorry for saying that I hated the music. I'm just tired of it.)


I hope this works.....

Anyhoozles, I hope you like this, expect more Vlogs from me in the future! (Well, that depends on the feedback COUGHCOUGHCOUGH)

On to F2D..

Basically, think of this as a download. Justin and I hare 98% done loading, but we still have to wait for Wizard Graphical Client, at least that's what loads slowly for me.
At first, I expected us to be done by Friday, but seeing how slow WGC is loading, I might push it to Sunday, even though I'm working 'round the clock.
Also, I decided not to post F2D, but to post it in a tab, for reasons you will understand later on.
   I don't want to say that this wraps it up, though. Firstly, I say that too much. Secondly, Test Realm (I'm late to the party) is live (but not Live realm...I'm confused now) to test:
  • Transforamtions! So many transformations! (I'm too lazy to write everything, and too tired from filming and searching for the Vlog) 
  • Wand order for the novices, so instead of getting a wand with 1 pip card from all schools (sampler, I like to call it), then a wandwith your school of focus, you get them the other way around. Does anyone know the quest that you get the (Live realm) school of focus wand from? Daniel Mythblade (PaigieDee told me) doesn't have his yet, but he's in KT already.
Now THAT wraps it up.
Keep Traveling!


  1. It works! Hooray!

    "Hi, Paige!"

  2. that was a great vlog. the run around before the battle was great too.

  3. This was an awesome vlog. Good battle too, Des.


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