Time Travel, Travels Style!

Yay, Travels of the Thaumaturge has gone time-traveling in Dragonspyre! I did this in the Grand Chasm with Talon Nightshade and PaigieDee. We had taken a video (P and I) but we kept on using our actual names..over and over...
So anyhow, I'm at PaigieDee's hosue (irl) because she has power (electricity). Here are the screenshots from Grand Chasm Past!
About to use portal
So, I talked to an NPC who in turn asked me to fetch papers, which I did. That same NpC asked me to retrieve a crystal from the  spider enemies of DS (Aren't there spider enemies in almost every world?)
Next, the annoying NPC told me to into HIS vault to get a crystal charger. I'm like okay, you have legs....But go in anyhow. I walked into his vault and immediately left because he had tight security, thus, his vault was a multi-level gauntlet.

Wow, it's so....lush...like Wysteria, in a sense..

 After doing so, I activated the crystal charger and went back to the NPC, who prompted me to go into this special vault, which turned out to have a schmancy time-travel portal, which I thought was awesome. This prompted me to turn this dungeon into a blog post, because...Time Travel? Travels of the Thaumaturge? It fits perfectly!
  I have noticed that DS is somewhat like WS. Some of its areas are quite like the Library Archives (the Tower Archives) and I'm an exchange student in a sense, see below.
I have to walk around these panels..

Me in front of a vault
 This place had a lot of panels too. I traversed them to see a lot of draconians and wyrms. I walked through really easily.
I'm not as scaredy as I was about walking around as I used to be. Actually, I cross the street in DS a lot. I fund it rather easy to cross.
See the Oni

Oni, Oni
 After repairing bridges and locking vaults from some NPC (Whatshisface) we were sent to defeat an Oni-type enemy. He wasn't that hard. If I'm not mistaken, he was a fire enemy, and his minion was storm.
I took him out with a colossus (my epic colossus) buffed by blades and traps, as well as a balefrost.

Facing the Oni

Woot......(pointless pic)
 I also have to thank Mitchell DragonCaster, he poofed in the middle of our battle, and helped out.

By the way, I'm trying to make my posts look interesting by typing and placing screeenshots like this.

Okay, I'm starting to run out of things to type about, I have like, five more panels...
This dealt about 7,000 damage

Gryffon tail, get OUT of my way!!
 In this pic, Mitchell's Gryffon's tail was brushing my face, which has a new hat/mask, btw. I really think that I dragon-ed out with that.

In the next pic, I'm surprised on how 'casual' Des looks. She has her arms on the dragon, and is leaning over, as if asking for a screenshot.
I look somewhat casual in this position

O.O The mountain without the dragon!
 Finally, something I can write about. See that mountain? Think about the mountain is DS with a dragon on it.
I'll wait while you put two an two together....

See? Wow, this will be awesome on Project Spiral Jigsaw, a site I'm working on with Talon Nighshade.
I wish I could stay here longer, it's so nice. 

Whatshisface, how could you betray us? NOOOOOO!
 So Whatshisface battled us after we left the wonderful land of Chasm's Past. We were sent to a vault by the annoying NPC.
So moreof, we battled him. But after we defeated him, he recognized us from twelve minutes ago  the past. He gave us what we needed (a keystone or something....)
See the picture of Greyrose

Me next to a giant crystal
I was prompted to go to Cyrus with my portal stone. I took a screenshot in front of it. I want a lot of giant floating crystals  in my house, that would be epic awesome.
So, I have really nothing to say....

In the next pic (this is of-topic) I really am quite ticklish. Since most of you don't know where/who I really am, I'm fine telling you this.
I wonder what 'attuned to you' meant. That would be interesting.
Ack, I'm really really ticklish!!

Student Exchange....not again...

Lastly,Cyrus well knows that I've suffered through Wysteria. So, after I defeated the ghost of Sylvia Drake and collected her memory crystal (or whatever it is), Cyrus sent me on my first 'covert spy mission' to be student of Dragonspyre academy. Yay, I am so excited to be an exchange student again...away from home....away from Greyose and Ambrose....closer to Malistaire...yay?

Keep Traveling!