Screenshots and screenshots of updates, as well as a tidbit on SOPA and PIPA

Yesterday, I posted a vlog, I got so much good feedback, thanks! Also, I'd like to welcome a reader, the amazing Mr. Frank Ferter! Hello Frank, thanks for commenting!
On to the shots...
Yay, done with MS! Thanks to PaigieDee and Talon Nightshade.

I have always been fond of incantations.
This one will go in my collection along with the Thaumaturges'
Kryos Serpensys Aspidos.

Used a Kol Shadowsong minion

Nice spell Kol!

As seen in my vid, this is the results of the tournament!
I made a joke with Frank this morning about how I would
act as the Randolf for this year's tournament. Not really, but that
would be awesome.

I met Angus' balance alt yesterday, hello Ty!

Me near the end of completing the Tower Archives

I love the purple battlefield..

Check this schmancy room!
Also, I had a little problem with crafting today. I had finished my MB crafting (at last), and Felicia Worthington thought that I still had to craft. I contacted KI, I'm waiting for their reply.

Next, there is a new page on The Suitcase Project (yes, it's baaaack!) on CL, by Talon Nightshade. I hope you guys enjoy it. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE REALLY NEED TO GET THIS SITE RUNNING, CRITICISM IS APPRECIATED, AND WELCOMED AS WELL AS A COMMENT OR QUESTION.

Lastly, today being Wednesday, I personally doubt that Jus and I can get the last part of F2D done by Friday, sorry about that. I still have to converse with him about the last part of 'Wizard Graphical Client'.

Keep Traveling!

P.S. This is 101st post of all my posts, yet the 91st numbered one. Funny..

P.P.S. This is the said tidbit, on Ditto's blog. Altering Ditto's quote...
I am the Traveling Thaumaturge and I DO NOT support SOPA & PIPA!
(Heh, maybe that quote would start a gig...coughcough)


  1. Yay I'm in a shot (Tyler Rubyweaver)


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