School is Starting...

...which means that once again, I'll be back on the cut schedule. I'm not the happiest about it, but at least I get to blog at all.
I'd like to say 'goodbye for now' to Malorn Ghostrider, the housing whiz (or 'wiz'), who is leaving for a while. Malorn has supported Travels and The Suitcase Project when they were newer, and has helped me with house decorating and taught me how to float through his guide. I will miss him as a friend, and as a fellow blogger. I got to chat with him tonight, though it was very brief. I hope his post in a while (" And it'll be a while until my next post.") ) will be posted, and I will be reading.
In other news, I am currently working on Village of Sorrow in MS, and Mount Lab as well, though progress has slowed down significantly, as it will continue to in the school year. :( F2D has its own tab, which will be updated in due time. Justin and I are still working very hard.
I think that wraps it up..
Keep Traveling!
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