January 22, 2012

On Crafting

I have been trying to craft more, that's no joke. When I made this resolution, I was working on MB crafting. When I got the chance, I completed this in a day. The next two were dedicated to hunting for stone blocks, as depicted in my latest vlog.
Today, I got to craft again. I rode to Toshio on my new black panther mount, and got the quest to talk to Balthazar Whatshislastname. Mr. Whatshislastname had quite surprise for me, when I thought that I was DONE with black lotuses...

Nooo! (See the recipe) Not 40 black lotuses total! I am so sick of Mooshu!
However, this will inspire me to pick up black lotuses during Mount Lab runs, which will return after F2D is completed.
Anyhow, I also have to collect diamonds, which are a hassle at the bazaar, as depicted in the following screenshot.

Like I said, what a hassle.

In other things, I'd like to give a shout-out to Tatiana Heart, my friend on 101 who I think is a super-quester. One day, she was battling the Sea Lord with me in DS, the next, she ports to me and criticals her Seraph, because she was almost Legendary, and has crit gear.
Tatiana helped me today by letting me port to her in CL, which is for a different post. I sent her the link just moments ago.

Hey Tatiana! Thanks for reading!

Keep Traveling!

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