New Segment!!

I was looking through TFN's Spell of the Week, and a couple of my own magazines, and I got an idea for a new segment: Caption of the Week! This will help me with better posts!
Basically, I'll take a screenshot to caption, once a week. You'll have three days to send me captions (if you can't caption them yourself) or the captioned screenshot. I hope this segment will draw more readers, and/or more activity.
All captioned screenshtos will be shown, until I get so many that it would be ridiculous to post them all. I will choose my favorite caption (winners from any contests might get to pick a specific week's in the future) from each week and add the screenshot to a tab.
This week, I had a hard time choosing between these three, so send in all three captioned or just one, or two, or captions so I have to work longer, whatever.
This will be a hard one, can't wait to see what you have to say

I call this place The Crafting Room

Mount Lab is on hold. This one, captioned, might become the header.
We have one person with all correct answers for the contest, you can still win codes!!
Keep Traveling!