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I just wanted to remind you all that it makes my searching for Blogs of Note a lot easier when they're all in my comment-list. Every blog that is submitted will get checked out, and put onto my blogroll. I can only post about one Blog of Note per Blog of Note post, and if I know you really well (not your irl life, you know what I mean...) then your blog may be put lower on the 'Blogs to post about' list, and I'm sure all of you awesome friends of mine will understand that.
Questing-wise, I just obtained the Spirit Cage from some boss in the Ancient Burial Grounds in Yoshito Temple. I think I'm off to somewhere else though, to try to repair the bridge there, even though a glitch let me across when I tried. I'm getting better at soloing, and can finally let PaigieDee quest.
With my luck though, PaigieDee is on break due to lack of crowns. :( I might switch to crowns if I play W101 less while I have school. I hope to buy DS with crowns, meaning finish MS as quickly as possible. I can't  wait to finally leave Mooshu, the serenity was starting to get on my nerves.
Mount Lab is still alive, on the other hand. I'm getting fed up with this one wizard in MB jumping into my battles, fleeing, and porting to a nearby location, only to repeat the process. In the end, I just switched to another normal realm to continue the experiment. I was dying, and I never have potion bottles. Also, it's what I would do, and that was just as often as I would do that. (do that meaning switch realms. I kept the realm status consistent though) I'm still thinking about 're-doing' the Normal MB BD (Bone Dragon) run.
As of midnight last night, a new year has begun in the Spiral. (More thanks to Swordroll, his awesome post here.) Though I can't possibly post about what happened (not being online/a high enough level to witness most of it) nor who I have to thank (Everybody!!), I, like many, have resolutions to write, strive for, and forget about in a month.
  • Craft more
  • Spend less gold (I..need...new...gear!! My Dragonrider's stuff doesn't have very good stats.)
  • Actually achieve the resolution..
Lastly, I have a couple of  screenshots of my house, which I will now share. The outside might not ever be 'done'.. I also have one nice screenshot of Talon Nightshade showing me the Elephant Graveyard in ZF from his Hornocerous.
I call this place the Dragon Room

Notice the piano and the tree (Mind that I celebrate Hanukkah...I still
enjoy Xmas trees..) Also notice the crafting stations.

The spiral staircase, I left bare, I enjoy the way it is.

Thanks Talon!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Yw ;). And if you want I could help you farm gold or gear.
    Thnx for the mention!


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