It's been like, five days...(A.K.A. introducing a new topic)

....and I was working my spell deck off at school, on F2D (which is sooo close), and trying to find something to post about.
At long last, after a gajillion knowledge crystals, one new mount in my inventory, a chat with Swordroll, and a Skype with PaigieDee, I can finally begin posting about pets, sha-la!
So, first off, I'm waiting for a reply from Tyler Rubyweaver my irl friend, and go-to pet person, who I'm hoping will agree to a guest post telling us how in the spiral he got a PvP pet without even playing PvP, just hatching, and who in the world had this kind of pet. Also, he might share a couple of secrets. For those of you who don't know, Tyler in Angus Goldenscroll's alt.

Next on the agenda is me describing the known rank 9 snacks. Note: Most of my information was found on Central's wiki, whose link (to the rank 9 snacks) is here

First on the list (literally) was Captain Cantaloupe, our super vegetable (in type).
The Captain is not the hardest snack to find, having appeared in the Mega-Snack pack, from pesky Couch Potatoes, and the amazing Evil Magma Peas. It can be farmed from Luska Charmbeak and Sylster Glowstorm, whose names make me want to port and garden instead, with no previous experience of battling them.
This sweet-tasting seafarer awards your pet twelve strength, fifteen agility, and eighteen power. It is a death snack, and a favorite amongst death pets. It still baffles me how Oliver (Ghost Dragon) can eat anything...

In this post, the veggies seem to take the lead with the help of Cherry Tomatoes (tomato, tomahto..) The rank 9 life snack is too found in the Mega Snack Pack, and from Luska and Sylster.
This snack drops from Evil Magma Peas (aack- the plant that is probably dying in my dorm right now), and is liked by Life pets, being a life snack, as mentioned above.
This snack gives your pet 11 strength, 14 intellect, and 15 power, making it 'mega'.

Next, the munchies take a stand with one of my favorite snacks, Fancy Yogurt! A step (or 8) up from the regular yogurt, this Ice snack is Ginger's favorite, as well as ice pets alike. Luska and Sylster seem to hoard the mega snacks, as well as that pack and Evil Magma Peas (yay), but this snack is also dropped from Couch Potatoes and White Tiger Lilies (like the ones I sold yesterday).
In addition:
15 strength
15 agility
20 power
This snack is one I have used a lot, and I suspect it is dropped elsewhere....

This snack was one I found to be easier to obtain, because of all the plants it drops from. As usual, it drops form EMP, Luska and Sylster, and Couch Potatoes, and the Mega Snack Pack. This time though, Corn, Rye, and Bread fruit bushes drop it too! I can't wait to start gardening more for this snack, sounds fun.
Like its school and type, Balance Pets (attention PaigieDee) who like meals will love this snack. Those who don't love/like it will still gain 11 agility, 14 will, and 15 power!

Next-to-last was a snack that I honestly had never heard of, ever. Hambrosia! What a funny name it is...

Okay, Hambrosia. This time, it is available from the Mega-Snack Pack, the Giving Tree, which I think was 09's Xmas promo. I wasn't playing then, so I really don't know much about this seemingly amazing seed.
It is dropped by Luska, Sylster, and now Lyon Lorestriker.
Storm pets who like meals will enjoy this snack best, though I still can't wait to use it on any of my pets.
It gives your pet 15 intellect, 15 agility, and 20 power!

Lastly, is the rank 9 snack that I use most, Mystic Dragon Fruit! Pros? It's purple!! This snack drops from the Dragon's Hoard and the Mega Snack packs, which means that I got  a LOT of them while hoping to get my dear bone dragon.
This snack drops from EMP (all the more reason to plant them) and Maelstrom Snap Dragons. Mentioning Luska and Sylster are starting to get on my nerves....and is a perfect snack for Myth pets who like Fruits!

To wrap things up, I'd like to hear from you! Do you think that Mega Snacks should be craft-able? I used to craft snacks for one of my several Frost Cats. The pros are that we could craft Mega-Snacks (doh), get them to our pets easily. Cons? Mega Snacks wouldn't be so special, Mega Snack Pack sales would go down drastically. I think that some Mega Snacks should be craftable, but the recipe should be harder to obtain and make.

Keep Traveling!
This is the Ninety-ninth (numbered) post! Expect something exciting next post!


  1. Benjamin DragonswordJanuary 27, 2012

    I say wizards should be able to craft rank 8 mega snacks, but not rank 9. The snacks should give 30 energy at most, and should have fairly tough recipes. I think we should be able to craft rank seven snacks that give about 10 pet xp.

  2. I agree with your statement about crafting pet snacks. The cons are true and they kinda scare me. I look forward to your 100th post!

    PaigeDaisypetal :)


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