January 6, 2012

Grub Guardian!

Something I can post about!!

When I go on the computer, let's just say I have daily rounds, like I do when mingling with other people at school. I play some W101, Blog a little, Write a LOT, Work with emails, etc. Every so often, I find myself on KI free games. Today, I read The Hilarious Thaumaturge's post about Grub Guardian, the game that levels your pet and can give codes, which is currently in Beta. It's a tower defense game, something I enjoy. Here we go!

Summary: Guard your pet's bowl of food (yum, pixelized pellets!!) from all the dark and scary (sort of) creatures looking for a snack. (There's tons to go around, I mean honestly...)

Getting Started:Sign into your W101 account from the Play! page, if I remember correctly. Choose your wizard and a pet you have in your backpack (all the more reason to bring back Ginger, Prince Maximus, Jake, all of my good pets) to play. I enjoy this feature, it's....(lack of good adjective)

Towers:Anyhow, your pet becomes a tower that you can use, though I found Ollie a little 'weak' in comparison to the other towers. You can choose from towers, each one has its own advantage. I, the anti-manual-except-in-desperate-situations wizard, I used the guide quite little. Here's what I found and found out(in the order of finding them out):
Myth: Nice easy starter tower, quick 'evolution' (Pokenerd moment) time, Medusa (level 5 myth tower) works well near the beginning of the route.
Fire: Very, very powerful. Damage over time helps me weed out those pesky skeletons. I prefer fire towers near the middle, though that's where I put my pet normally.
Storm: Nothing against all you wonderful Storm wizzies, but...meh...not my fav tower. The damage is excellent, but (quite like Storm) horrible accuracy, downright horrible.
Ice: (Not just because I'm me, but..) I LOVE THEM, though not alone. Ice towers slow down opponents, they are so helpful.
Balance: The level 4 Balance tower is so nice, making sandstorms around all of the little opponents. Eat my dust! The level 5 Balance tower is another story, meaning it was a waste of silver. (Silver-moolah for spending on towers)
The rest I picked up from the manual in a desperate situation.
Life: Helps ye fellow towers! Yay!
Death: Has chance of 1-hit kill (saw this with Ollie, epic 'good boy')

  • You open up maps (think the map in your backpack in-game) by achieving single maps, which individually give you codes/pet exp, depending on your choice. This means you can't accumulate maps for better codes/exp, but you can still play into the next map after you redeem your code.
  • As you play, you'll find a flame filling up in the top left corner of your gamescreen. I forgot what it's called (Ambrose's something...), but once it fills up, it kills most enemies alive, mind the treants, colossi, and krokotillians, from my research. Save it for when enemies are about to eat the food.
  • Don't go to GH maps when you open them...they're haaaaard. I suggest going elsewhere until you reach maybe MB (the maps go to CS I think, and no WS (I think)) 
  • I think that (this is related, read it) Mindy will be my official crafting-planting-pet wizard. I'm going to move Duke Mia (Sneaky Piggle, insane cute) onto her, as well as a couple of Frost Cats. I, while struggling to finish the Mount Lab on Des (sorry, Swordroll...blame it on my schedule...) I'll try to level a pet to Epic through Grub Guardian on Mindy. That way, I can be on email, or blogging for 20 mins without being logged out. 
That's all I have for now. I'm really happy about this post, but make sure you see my post before this one, with the amazing Alli Carter!
Keep Traveling!
EDIT: I got presents for Mindy to level up!

Next codes are in the next post!!

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  1. Haha! No worries, I'll be patient! I know how it is this time of year! You'll have to let me know how leveling a pet all the way to Epic goes through the game! I love it - tower defense games are the best!


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