Crafting Problem, and my inference on posting

(My attempt to make a good post)
Hey everybody! A couple days ago, I finished crafting in MB. When I went to Felicia Worthington, as prompted, she still thought that I had to craft another ring.
Meh, I didn't want to have to craft for nothing, especially since I buy all my reagents. So, I contacted KI about the problem:
Hello, and Happy New Year! This year, my resolution was to craft more, and so I, having just moved on to Dragonspyre, completed my MB crafting quest to craft Stingers of the Scorpion and Constellation Jewels. As depicted in the attached screenshots, I had completed crafting my last Constellation Jewel, and was prompted to talk to Felicia. 
When I approached her, Felicia still 'thought' that I hadn't completed my crafting yet. This has happened on my (hehehe) account, and my best friend's (hehehe) too. In her case, she was stopped at the MS level. 

Also, I just wanted to toss in that I really love the game, it's interactive-ness, and its amazing community. I can't wait to see what the near (and not-so-near) future holds. 

As mentioned, Happy New Year, may it be a happy and healthy one.
Destiny Soultamer (representing hehehe)
Paige Daisypetal (hehehe)

Well , I have to thank support, they have always helped me out. Here is their reply:

We apologize for the inconvenience! As such, we have completed the quest "Craft Services" and have added the next Crafting quest, "Who Do the MooShu?" to your Quest Log.

We have also taken the liberty of granting your character the title of "Initiate Crafter." As for your friend, they must contact us with their own Support Request, and we'll be more than happy to investigate their case as well. Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns!

KingsIsle Support

Thanks KI! I can count on you guys to do my Thaumaturge homework fix up my wizardry problems!

  Next on my agenda is what I think my posts will turn out like Ditto's blog. I found myself to explain my thoughts more clearly on camera than in text. I will type out what I say from there, so people around the world can read it too. I hope to type as much as I talk, which sometimes is saying something.
  Expect more vlogs in the future!
Lastly, I have one entry for the captioning! Thanks to Tyler (again).
Keep Traveling!