January 13, 2012

Contest Winner

Sorry if my typing is weird, irl issues.

Anyhow, I can be on this weekend. The winner of the trivia contest was the only participant, and got all the questions correct, though he asked PaigieDee for an answer. I didn't really ban this, so I let it slip.

Blaze Shadowhorn!!!!!!

Yay, congratulations Blaze! I sent you your codes. Also, since I had a hard time finding one, your blog is randomly the next Blog of Note! I might use this for contests in the future, as well as ones of choice. Blaze - I will send you questions and snatch you for screenshots when we're both online.

Also, thanks to my awesome family for 'showing off' Travels to their friends, I enjoy knowing I have local readers. Please comment if things need to be changed, or taken away/added entirely. Thanks so much!
Also, thanks go out to a couple of irl friends who don't really understand why I blog, or why I enjoy W101 so much. They've really introduced me to the gaming world, though I won't be playing much else any time soon, sorry you guys..
Anyhoozles, I might start up a comic potion of the blog - just to spice things up. I have been practicing drawing and toon-drawing my chars., PaigieDee's chars, and my various pets. I have documented funny events for a while now, from the Thaumaturge's Thoughts era, to now. I have a few funny plots to scribble.

F2D is in progress, Mount Lab is on hold still, though I have been 'practicing' with my Bone Dragon, no real difference in MS questing, giant difference in GH questing, eugh.

Met Duncan Daystone

Fountain Trap, see Duncan's wizname

Mindy got an upgrade

Might showcase my Watchtower soon...

Keep Traveling!

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