Caffeinated Tea? Check. Vlog? Check. F2D? Almost check....

Yes, I drank a lot of tea today. It's making me a little hyper, but I'm working real fast.

Vlog? Yup. I went to PaigieDee's house when the power was out, so we made a vlog.
Enjoy! We were battling in DS, for the most part, this video was to show that and to introduce PaigieDee to my vlogs. 

With F2D, we are still working our spell decks off, don't you worry. I spend roughly an hour a day working on it, another hour chatting with Justin about it, half an hour fine-tuning. We promise you that it was worth the wait. As of now, we don't and probably won't have a release date, both of our schedules are varied, as well as a nasty time change between us. When you see the finished F2D though, you will NOT be disappointed. I repeat that, NOT.

Keep Traveling!
I planted Evil Magma Peas yesterday. They were about to be mature when I logged on this morning. Now they are mature and -- wait, I didn't harvest! Get the stinkweed!
Get the stinkweed, this isn't right!