January 7, 2012

Break for codes!!

I have gotten SO many codes from Grub Guardian with pets in them, I decided to share the wealth. I'm pretty sure at least two of these have pets, if not gold as well.
I decided not to just hand them out like last time. I was thinking...how about wiz-trivia?
1. What is Mindy Pearlthief's School?
2. What rank gardener am I?
3. What minigame have I NOT mentioned playing, when I'm playing on KIFG? (Hint: I don't play this one) UPDATE: OOPS, I PLAY ALL OF THEM. WHAT PET DO I CURRENTLY HAVE EQUIPPED?
4. What area and world does PAIGIEDEE need to unlock? (Can be found on her blog, I'm pretty sure)
5. Do I enjoy listening to Sara Bareilles? (Can be found; I assure you)

Most correct answers: Three Grub Guardian codes!
Second most: Two codes
Third: One and one Dueling Diego code
All correct: Five GG and two DD codes!!

You have three days to answer this trivia. Take a shot, if you are the only contestant, you will win the All Correct codes!
Send answers to me through email, or through comment-mail, which is recommended.
Keep Traveling!

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