Vanessa Emeraldglade's Party

  So, sporting a sprained ankle, I sat down on my couch to chat with Talon (Thunderblade). He brought up Vanessa Emeraldglade's belated birthday party, and I immediately replied "I'm so going".
  Three hours later, I logged onto the Satyr realm and high-tailed it to the Storm Tower, where I met up with several* people, all of them I had heard of and some of them had heard of me! I was warmly greeted.
  *Talon Nightshade, Talon Seagem, Vanessa Emeraldglade, and a bunch of other people...Mark(sorry about the name mixup on my part) Stormhunter, Elijah goes on and on.
  The party consisted of PvP, a costume contest, pie, squijax (whatever that is), and just plain 'lols'. Vanessa showed us houses, and a dorm, until she had to go.
  Next, Talon Nightshade showed me his houses, and I took him on a tour of my unfinished Watchtower.
Tsk tsk. The sign says "enter at your own risk"

Hyperventilating :)
Well, I think that sums it up for today, folks!
Keep Traveling!


  1. XD i didn't know it was that risky! At least it wasn't a lava fountain! ;) Was nice to meet you!

  2. Hold up-I didn't delete that comment before Paige's...
    Paige-I'll make it up to ya, okay? *nudges Talon N in the ribs *


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