Snowball Pet, and Hanukkah!

Firstly, KI introduces something that I think I'll have to warm up to. Being a Thaumaturge, this a hilarious joke when combined with:
I have to admit though, the Snowball Strike spell will be really useful for me. 300 damage and an ice trap to all enemies is useful, in a word.

Next, in all the Xmas celebrations, I noticed there wasn't even a thought about Hanukkah, which didn't upset me, per say, but made me think. There are many Jewish wizards in the Spiral, living with the Christmas celebrations, yet knowing that their holiday should be at least noticed.
I know I should have left the candles burning, but it was ten pm
and I was tired.
I guess this is what I could do about it. Happy Hanukkah, to all ye Jewish Wizzies! (including me)
Keep Traveling!


  1. Well welcome to the party :) i am jewish also.

  2. Happy Hannukah! I am not Jewish but i think Ki should go towards other Holidays since many of the Wizards ( including me ) do not celebrate christmas. I have no problom whatsover with Ki celebrating Christmas but other Holidays should be implemented too. ;)


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