Quick check for updates

I haven't been able to go blogging on the weekdays, due to science homework. Sorry about the inconvenience. Anyhow, I have a few quick updates for you guys
  • New mount-some sort of moose. (Credit to P for this info) Moose is my hamster's name, and now I get confused when someone says 'Moose Mount'.
  • I have a few friends who don't play, but they'd like to see the blog! (Hey guys!!)
  • Happy belated birthday to Angus! When we meet up, I will gift you (Angus)!
  • Angus, on that note, is level 40! Yay!
  • Since winter break is coming, I will be blogging and playing Wizzy actively. 
Sadly, that's all I have to say.
OH! OH! OH! Just remembered that I have a screenshot that needs captioning. I'm usually lost for words, so your words (literally) are appreciated!
Caption me, caption me, caption me!!
Well, that's a nice way to wrap up my post.
Keep Traveling, folks!