Oddly enough, I just noticed that..

To be completely honest, I have only been in the Spiral for one year, but had an account for two. I got grounded in 2010, got bored from lack of crowns in 09, but this year is completely new. I have made SO MANY new friends over the blog, I am so glad I met them.
Also, today is Saturday (in the US), December 31, 2011, which means this might be the last post of the year. I have drunk over 3 cups of tea (caffeine included), and will try to stay up 'till midnight on the phone with PaigieDee.

Ahem, onto whatever business I am meaning to post about..

I think it's too late to propose a wizaversary party, but I'll annoy whoever is on my friends list. I'll be questing as usual in Yoshito Temple. I'll also be spending the 1,000 crowns I got from TFN's Spell of the Week.
Since that wraps it up, I think I'll be making a new Wordle for my banner soon, just to spice up the blog.

Frozen to Death is going smoothly, things are working as planned. Paige STILL doesn't know.

Will probably booster The Sorcerer's Sights and The Suitcase Project (which is running thanks to Talon Nightshade).

Wishing the best for Diana Wildheart's son,
Keep Traveling!