December 25, 2011


Today I did what I always did for the past two years, which was checking my old blogs. I soon learned that if you read or have read The S****g (to protect) Diaries or Simply S***y, then you know who I am. You know about my personal life, and my name and face. If you read or have read those blogs, then comment. These blogs have been deleted.
On the other hand, a Thaumaturge's Thoughts will stay up until I decide what to do with it.
Also, I'd like to bring to your attention that the 'Paige' I keep writing about is not the fabulous Paige Moonshade. I am simply writing about Paige Daisypetal, my best friend in the multiverses.
Please-if you have been confused, or want me to call my friend Paige by a different name early on (I'll have to eventually) then comment or email me.
Anyhow, Frozen to Death is going really well, I'd consider it about halfway done. I think you guys will really really like it, if not really like it, or just like it. I can't say too much.
Lastly, The Suitcase Project might go 'Abracadabra' soon, I need more info and a better title, cause, etc. Those who followed it (I think Malorn Ghostrider and Amber Rosepetal) and those who have been reading it are welcome to ask me not to neglect it.
Please send me your turkey recipes   Keep Traveling!

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  1. Please do not cancel the suitcase project! It sjust so awesome! I will help if you want ;)


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