My first trip to Zafaria, and an holiday banner

Well, the Traveler couldn't resist a "port to me" from Talon Nightshade, since he was in ZAFARIA!

Can someone PLEASE explain what this exhibit is?

I also like the music, it's very....festive.
Thanks for the experience Talon! **
Keep Traveling!
** We also teamed up in my first ranked pvp match..and we won by half default, half by awesome damage.

I express my horrific drawing skills.
Being Jewish (and proud of it), I worry that KI has done nothing about our holiday (Hanukkah) in the festivities. This link explains more, thanks Blaze.  I made that banner form my ZF pic and the help of Diary of a Wizard's Pic Editor. Please note I tried to include as many holidays as I could, though I have no idea on what to do for Boxing Day. I also put in a wizard hat :).


  1. Your welcome ;). And we are going to dominate pvp lol


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