December 19, 2011

I'm tired of titling posts by days..

So on the NEXT day of Wizards...
I get up really late,

Turn on the light,
Flip on the laptop,
Look through my email,
Get the dog breakfast,
Try to sleep,
Check the 12 days,
Take screenshots,
Try to post,
(And a partridge in a boon tree)

Boy, oh boy, I'm so tired, I slept in three hours past when I wake up.Thank Bartleby I don't have school for three weeks, I could use the rest.
Recently, I've been Gmail chatting with a bunch of you awesome Wizards, I get a lot of wise info, good laughs, and just a lot of friends. You know who you are; thanks so much!
I might post later today, if I finish Shirataki temple.
Keep Traveling!

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