Here come the holidays!

  On to business. There are no changes in the Spiral (in game) for the holidays, yet the Wizard101 community is all revved up for this year's holiday season!
Where did I go to check out this year's festivities (for the first time)?
  • Wizard101 Central!
  • This awesome link. I'm not sure if there's anything left on there, though. I got two more pairs of Fairy Wings, whoop-dee-do. Orange and purple. I'm going to let you investigate the link on your own, I've said enough.
  • Most of the blogs in my blogroll, who provided with excellent info.
Anyhow, I'm not too psyched about the pine candles that give me headaches, gift wrapping, receiving unwanted gifts, more pine candles, the tree falling over, fruitcake (though I'm more willing to eat that than...), giant hams, Chinese food, and all the things that make our holiday season just a little more uncomfortable...not to mention the snow. Oy.
I have three more meetups this holiday season, and an essay on a long term science project. I hope I can have a moment next to the fire, safely though, with a cup of homemade cider or soup. Isn't that what we all want sometimes?
Before I rant, Keep Traveling!