Fourth and fifth days of Xmas..and something funny

KI gave to me (us),
Arctic Ninja Pig Pet,
Fifty percent off packs,
A Free hol'day light strand,
A cool Poetry contest,
And an epic super awesome Chrismoose!!

Sorry about my absence. Yesterday was the day that I wished for my spent crowns back, for select card packs in the Crown Shop were 50% off!!
Today, KI introduces the Arctic Ninja Pig!
Pic doesn't belong to me.
(Awesome or what?)

At the moment, this epic-cool pet is 40% off, and available for a limited time only.
Thanks to Talon Nightshade for mentioning my blog in his post. You rock!
Keep Traveling!

3 minutes later
OH OH OH!!! I found something really cool!
I don't own that..
I infer that  The next world in fact will be Arctic-y, unlike the light joke in the vid. 


  1. I actually think the world will be Polaris. In Zafaria a lady says she is going to different worlds such as, Marleybone, Mooshu, Avalon and Polaris! I think POLARis will be home of the penguins.

    ~Keep It Dead @

  2. XD you rock too :P

    Nice post and cool poem!

  3. Thanks for the comments, you guys!
    @Justin Every little tidbit of ZF info helps me, until the very moment I go to ZF myself.


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